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Since 1997, Contact Sales has been successfully distributing mainstream PC products in both the software and hardware arenas. Coming right up to date in 2017, we bring the same energy and focus to our publishing labels under the Excalibur brand. We have enjoyed affiliations with developers that have grown into long term partnerships and include SCS Software’s Euro Truck Simulator franchise, the flight and train sim collections from Dovetail, as well as well respected hardware brands such as CH Products and the RailDriver Cab Controllers. 

Since 1997 we have shipped over 3.7 million copies of boxed products. We have exclusively distributed 410 titles and published 396 under our brands of Excalibur and First Class Simulations. Impressive numbers for a small privately owned company.

Ever mindful of changing market conditions, and in particular the rise of digital delivery, we strive to continue to support high street presence. In addition, two years ago we launched our own digital delivery system, ensuring that this vital shop window was not lost in the digital storm. We are as proud of our partnerships with our retailers and etailers as we are of our relationships with our developers.

More recently we have been involved in helping small independent developers gain entry to the markets we have enjoyed for so long. Our recent growth has been in this area, and whilst sales are predominantly in the digital field, we can also offer these products for sale in retail either as a boxed product or as a digital download key. Some of the most recognisable titles that have grown from small developers are Shoppe Keep, Jalopy and Craft Keep VR – an offshoot from the Shoppe Keep franchise that can be enjoyed in a virtual world.

In addition to expanding our PC range across the board, we have also been active in the console markets, enjoying publishing licenses with Sony and Microsoft. We have launched three PS4 titles so far and two PS Vita. We have a further two titles in the pipeline for launch on the Xbox One and PS4 for late summer 2017. 

Known for our humble beginnings in simulation, we are anxious not to abandon this popular market. We can further enhance this simulation experience with Cab Controllers and a range of specialist peripherals from CH, offering yokes, pedals and throttles that work with a wide range of PC and MAC products, but particularly provide a truly realistic flight simulation event. Our simulations also extend to other methods of transport with the OMSI Bus Simulator range and the Bus Simulator series from Astragon. Add to the mix Construction Simulator, and our own European Ship Simulator and World Ship Simulator, you can see that we continue to be proactive in this highly popular market.

We are proud of our “can do” attitude that extends to all aspects of our business. We are all available by telephone and e-mail and are quick to respond to the needs and demands of the trade. Our distribution network reaches far beyond the shores of the UK and our presence in virtually all continents in the world makes for a truly global company.  

We warmly welcome you to our new trade website. We encourage you to register with us so that you can gain access to our live stock feeds, as well as product assets, for all products that we stock. These include but are not limited to pack shots, screenshots, sales information and game footage. You can browse this website if you are not registered and we welcome any queries you may have. Please get in touch with us:  trade@contact-sales.co.uk

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